Care & Maintenance

As the most beautiful creations, Granton watches deserve particular care and attention to preserve their original beauty and their technical precision for future generations.

Take good care of
your Granton watch

Granton timepieces are masterpieces that deserve the utmost care and attention. Below you will find some practical tips to help protect your timepiece during everyday use.

01. Winding

Mechanical hand-wound and self-winding watches should be wound at least once a month to prevent the oil from drying out. When a watch has stopped after not being worn, we recommend manual winding by turning the crown at least thirty times. An automatic watch should then be worn 10 hours per day to be automatically fully wound. Manual watches should be wound every day at the same time to benefit the maximum power reserve and benefit the best performances. Take care not to force the crown once you feel resistance. Before any contact with water make sure the crown is correctly screwed down or pushed back to prevent water from penetrating the mechanism.

02. Water-resistance

Granton timepieces are equipped with security gaskets that guarantee their water resistance. They can deteriorate because of natural ageing, fluctuations, impacts or cosmetics. If condensation appears under the glass of your Granton watch, it means that the water resistance is damaged. We recommend having the water-resistance checked every two years by an Authorized Service Center, especially before a period of intensive use such as summer holidays.

03. Cleaning

Do not use any chemical products since they may damage your watch. If it has been exposed to these, clean it with a soft brush and lukewarm water, then dry it with a microfiber cloth. For paved timepieces, check the stones regularly to ensure they are securely set.

04. Magnetic fields

In everyday life, magnetic fields are most often encountered as an invisible force created by permanent magnets which pulls on iron objects and attracts or repels other magnets. Magnetic fields are very widely used throughout modern technology. Therefore we recommend avoiding placing watches close to electronic units such as magnets, loudspeakers, mobile phones, refrigerator doors… Due to magnetism, watches may run too fast or stop without causing any damage to the movement. Should you notice this, please contact your Authorized Service Center for de-magnetization.

05. Shocks

Granton watches are made to stand up to intensive use. Care must be taken, however, to avoid dropping them or knocking hard objects which might cause damages to the case or/and movement. We advise to store and wear watches and jewelry separately to preserve them from scratches.

06. Straps & bracelets

Granton straps are produced with care and are regularly tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Despite this, external factors, use or ageing can deteriorate or alter their original aspect. Below you will find some recommendations that will help you take care of your watch straps.

07. Leather straps

Leather is a natural living material. Contact with water or exposure to high humidity can deform or discolor it. Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight can damage its color and quality. Leather is a permeable material and therefore it can become stained by contact with cosmetics and oily substances. If the strap is deformed, do not put glue on it since it will damage the lug bars and lug screws. We suggest you to replace your leather strap after twelve months.

08. Rubber straps

These straps are less prone to scratching and dents but can tear or alter with use. Both salt and chlorine are corrosive elements which can damage materials such as rubber. Therefore we suggest you to rinse your watch every time after diving or snorkeling.

09. Metal bracelets

Steel is easily scratched whilst knocks may cause dents. Link attachments can work themselves loose over time. For this reason, we suggest to store and wear watches and jewelry separately . We suggest you to use a soft brush with soapy water to clean up your metal bracelet. Do not use any chemical product to avoid damaging it.